22 February 2010

Where to?

What a great idea and a purely fun book to peruse. I love transit maps-I have my London Tube map framed and hanging in the bathroom. This very cute book is available here


While in Wicker Park this morning I got to check out the Alliance Bakery and taste their famous macarons. Wow. I tried the Raspberry and Rose macaron and it was divine. I will definitely be going back soon and getting a box. Click here to check out all of their sweet offerings. 

While on the subject of Tim Burton

There is a pretty incredible exhibit at the MoMA of his work, including films, interviews, original sketches and artwork. I would love to go to this and if you are in NY before April 26th, you should go see it too! Click here to check out the exhibit.

I can't wait for this!

This, like all other Tim Burton films, is going to be amazing. So excited. Click here to see the previews. 

16 February 2010

Sexy furniture?

Gorgeous, beautiful and amazing furniture and lighting from Hudson Furniture, Inc. Really, there are not enough complimentary adjectives for their designs. Click here to view their entire collection.

"Nice Manners Babe!"

I just read a fantastic article from Vanity Fair about the late, great John Hughes. He was an incredibly private person and this article does a great job detailing his life and work as the man who created the "Brat Pack" and made so many brilliant movies. Click here to read it. 

Top Picks

So far for Fashion Week 2010 I am loving these three lines' Spring offerings. Top photo is from Christian Soriano, middle photo Alexander Wang and the last photo is from Zac Posen. Gorgeous!

11 February 2010

Go see this!

Rodney Carswell at Devening Projects + Editions through March 1. 

So sad

I just saw that Alexander McQueen has died. McQueen was only 40 and they have not yet revealed the cause of death. What a tragedy. He has created so many beautiful and legendary pieces over the years. One of my favorites is pictured above-McQueen with Sarah Jessica Parker, both in his designs. He will be missed.

Current Target finds

All images via Target.

10 February 2010

Ooh, green tile

I'm still oohing and ahhing over this apartment from the Jan/Feb issue of Elle Decor. I love the wall of art in the living area. I'm doing the same thing in our place, just not on such a large scale. What a fun and interesting home. All images via Elle Decor.

Not your average love story

Finally got to see (500) Days of Summer. It was super cute. Just adorable. You really can't go wrong with Zooey Deschanel. She is so pretty and charismatic. I'm also glad that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back around, I haven't seen him in anything for a while. Thank goodness his voice has deepened since 10 Things I Hate About You! It was very original and quirky and there is a great soundtrack. Regina Spektor, hello? I love the clothing and sets and Gordon-Levitt does a great karaoke rendition of the Pixies' "Here Comes Your Man." Good stuff. Go rent it!

Hawaii Dreaming

Don't you just want to be that guy? I seem to be obsessed with summer images but I don't care. I love this photograph. Image via Aubrey Road-which is a beautiful blog. 

09 February 2010

Snow day

Well, we have had quite the snowstorm here in Chicago. When I woke up it was snowing and it is still coming down. We had to get the pup some dog food so we hiked over to Clark St. and saw this really great house on the way. There's a room for rent too!

But which one?

We are in the market for a new t.v. stand/storage unit. I would really love to have any of the ones pictured above. All from Design Public

Isn't it really all about love?

Manifest Equality is a sort of art show and gathering that is bringing together hundreds of artists to it's gallery to celebrate diversity and demand equal rights for all Americans. This revolutionary art show, aimed at creating real change at local, state and national levels, will be taking place in L. A. in March. Click here to learn more about the cause and how you can help.  

travel light

I love this line Property Of... They make great everyday and travel bags that are quite stylish and durable. I would love to get J this-the Lex Trip Bag. I really love it in army green too. Click here to check out their store.