31 May 2011

leave me alone

No big deal. My home is made of glass. In a forest. Over a waterfall. WOW.


I keep coming back to look at this amazing woodblock print by Japanese artist Ray Morimura. I want to see more!


Ok, so I read Steve Martin's An Object of Beauty the other day. Meh. It wasn't bad per say, but it was hardly that interesting either. While he does truly know a lot about art, especially the dealer/ auction side, you still read it knowing that Steve Martin wrote this story, and, sorry, but his misogynistic attitude sort of ruins what is good about book.  Anyhoo, I am finishing up Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen and then on to The Tiger's Wife, which is on it's way to my mailbox now. 

30 May 2011

Source: google.com via Conni on Pinterest

Happy Memorial Day! I am going to spend this day off outside, enjoying the sunshine and my right to it! xo


What a beautiful way to store firewood. It really adds to the space and yet it's not distracting either. 

why the hell not?

A clear tub? OK! 

ride it out

How beautiful and scary is this? Chills...

27 May 2011

thinking of Texas

Well, to be fair, I am always thinking of Texas. However, my thoughts are going out to everyone in the Texas/Oklahoma area and the Midwest-these storms have been scary and destructive. So, let's all focus our positive thoughts and energy to all those affected by the storms. Have a great (and safe) weekend! xo


We are heading to the Field Museum this weekend! So excited! 

nice spot!

What a view! I bet you can see every star out there.


Source: moma.org via Kellye on Pinterest

Great photograph from Tina Modotti, circa 1925. 

25 May 2011

soak it in

Check out that tub! It even has built-in storage on the end. How luxurious!

good morning!

How nice would it be to wake up to that view every morning? What a peaceful space. 


I love this print. Though, it reminds me of the sad story in that last David Sedaris book. Kinda fun though with the lipstick and colors. 

24 May 2011

b & w

I could never do just black and white, but I have been loving all of these bold, crisp rooms that are out there. Those lamps are divine and I could use a couple of those rugs actually...

i want to go to there

This looks like a still from a Disney film, but in fact, it is the Walking Bridge in Prague. Isn't that beautiful?! Prague is definitely on my list of places to visit. 

so chic!

such lovely design!

23 May 2011


I love everything about this kitchen. Green tile, steel windows, black shelving. It's exotic, sexy and totally functional.  

coastal kitchen

What a great kitchen! I LOVE the floors and that screen door is fantastic. I am really loving painted wood floors. I haven't seen one I haven't loved. 


Roll on wallpaper. Yeah. There are so many uses for this! And there are a ton of different patterns available. How cool! 

20 May 2011

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I now have Saturdays off! Hooray! Have a wonderful weekend! xo

how can i arrange this?

I could sit there all day. All. Day. 

what a spot


pick it!

                                                   Source: designcrushblog.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I have no need for this, but it's super cool. C'mon, there's a stitched spot for your pick! 

19 May 2011


This almost looks like a painting right? Gorgeous.

i've seen the light

How amazing are these pendant lamps?! They're a little industrial, but very modern and chic too. I love them a lot. 


I keep seeing vintage crate shelving everywhere. Is it really as simple as going out and buying a bunch of crates and stacking them up? Where does one even find old crates? This seems too easy...

16 May 2011


I want to be in that chair, on that porch, looking at that view. What a beautiful home. And I like it mostly because it doesn't interfere with the landscape. 


This looks like it could be an ancient Japanese print or something but no, it's just blue ball-point pen on paper. Wow. I love it when artists use totally everyday objects and materials. This print, by Korean artist Il Lee, is one of many featured in the Crow Collection in Dallas. 

why not?

I like this. Just because the tv is the center of our lives doesn't mean it has to be the center of our room. 

13 May 2011

                                                        Source: momfilter.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Just putting up some silly, odd and fun posts today, it is the weekend after all! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


                                               Source: instyle.com via Kellye on Pinterest

That is a CAKE! Wow. It took 4 people 2 days to hand form and hand paint each "petal." I don't think I could eat it! 


                                                            Source: ffffood.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This is so smart! Hehehehe!


                                         Source: twitpic.com via Kellye on Pinterest

My 3 posts from yesterday have disappeared...weird. Anyhoo, I posted this image yesterday. It's just too funny! Cinderelly, Cinderelly! 

12 May 2011

i do love some tasteful piping

                             Source: allprettylittlethings.blogspot.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This room is a bit girly for me, but I adore that sofa. It's like the Chanel suit of sofas. 

i want to go to there

                                Source: weheartit.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This may just be perfection. 

this is just too funny!

                                    Source: twitpic.com via Kellye on Pinterest

How hilarious is this?! I swear they planned that-too coincidental! 

11 May 2011

let's talk yellow today...

                                                         Source: musingsinfemininity.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

For a summer event or even a summer/beach wedding perhaps? Hehe, I do have to steal the tag line for this image, "hemmed in sunshine?" I think so! 

travel the globe

                                      Source: grahamandgreen.co.uk via Kellye on Pinterest

A yellow globe on a yellow stand?! How delightful! 


What a fantastic dining set from Newfound Studio! I LOVE it! Check out his other new items here.

10 May 2011


Is it possible that a sweater was made for me? Yes. This is it! How cute is this?


Yes, I will drink this. It's just too clever and cool to refuse. 

fun quiz!

The design site, Sproost, has a really quick and fun quiz that lets you discover your personal style. I, of course, was "Modern Vintage" and "Contemporary" was a close second. Figure yours out here!

09 May 2011

bubble tea!

Yum. I looove bubble tea and this looks so delicious. Now I need a glass!

more orange!

I really like the use of orange for an accent color. It's a gorgeous, sparkling bathroom and the additions of orange really take it up a notch. Very nice! 

images of Spring

It has finally gotten warm here and the grass is green, trees and flowers have bloomed and it's just plain nice. Ernie is certainly loving getting out more!