26 April 2011

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I'm taking a little vacation from the blog this week, but I will return on Monday! xo

22 April 2011

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This one's for you Mom. Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter! XO

i spy...

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Something blue! That's a whole lotta blue, but the look is totally pulled off. I would steal that sofa and set of chairs in a heartbeat!

this would be so handy to have

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I wish I had a little nook just like this! I would shut the doors and not come out (except for coffee refills). 

how fun does that look?

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Man...I want a Airstream! That's the only way you'll get me to camp for sure!

21 April 2011


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Let's do some kitchen dreaming today. Sigh. I love the idea of two marble-top islands and all of the white cabinetry is perfect. Not crazy about the light fixtures, but I could make it work, especially with those dark hardwood floors.

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That's MY fridge! At least, I hope to have one some day. I mean, c'mon, that fridge is just the bee's knees, and I love all of the storage and bright, large windows. It is a lot of stainless steel though, making it all a bit cold. Still, very nice.

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I'm not crazy about the cabinets or colors, but I love the built-in banquette seating/ island and wide-plank floors. Oh, and you can't go wrong with shiny, white subway tile. Duh. 

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There's MY fridge again. Aren't those windows and light fixtures dreamy? I love all of the woods mixed together, but I feel that maybe the brick would look better painted? No? 

 Source: elledecor.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I feel like this kitchen may be the perfect mix of all of the above. You have the marble-topped large island, stainless steel, storage, THE fridge, a mix of different woods, a huge amount of height and space, large windows allowing plenty of light and a ton of seating. They got it right. 

20 April 2011

19 April 2011

one giant window

oh. my. gawd. what a room!

shine down

I love the architectural detail of adding some small beams to the recessed lighting to make them look like shining stars. How clever!

circus magic

I think I may need to see the new Reese Witherspoon movie, Water for Elephants. The previews have totally sucked me in. I know that it is based on the best-selling novel, has anyone read it? 

18 April 2011

new book!

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Ooohhh...this has been getting rave reviews. I think it is next on my list. Check it out here!

who knew?

Yep, this is a kitchen. Very glamorous, but is it functional?

beautiful efficiency

Now that's some storage and I love the cut-out shelving too. 

15 April 2011

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I'm hoping for another weekend of sunshine and hours spent at the beach. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy today's post theme of FUN! XO

let's go!

Great DIY idea for tracking your adventures! 

toast coasters!

Hehe! These are just silly but I love them still!

April showers

Smart idea for sprucing up the exterior of your home, plus, it's just super cute!

14 April 2011

open up those doors

My dream house changes daily when I see more and more pics of homes, but this porch is definitely on the list of must-haves for a future home. I could literally spend hours on that porch. 

am i too old for a bunk bed?

What a cool, not cutesy or dated, little boys room. Or girls room-I would have loved this! Those beds are kick ass! 

time lapse

Isn't this amazing? 

12 April 2011


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Ooooh, I want, I want! The new Mini E-Concept Scooter. Very handsome! If gas prices keep rising up here, we're on the brink of $5, I just might have to get a scooter. 

go prep!

I am in LOVE with this preppy kitchen. Forest green + subway tile = one cool and masculine kitchen. 


I can't stop giggling at this Toy Stories series by Aled Lewis. Anthology Magazine always has the most interesting finds on their blog and I just had to steal these photographs!

11 April 2011


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I have been smitten with this guest room for years, since it was first published in Domino. It is put together so well and the colors are brilliant. I would be thrilled to stay overnight in this room!

a perfect spring outfit

Let's continue with stripes today. This is a great outfit. I need to stop by H & M asap. 

stripes in the boudoir?

I am seriously considering this new bedding from West Elm for our bedroom. It is simple, fun and clean. What more could you ask for?
Image via West Elm.

08 April 2011

This photo pretty much sums up what I will be doing this weekend, eating and relaxing. Hope your's is filled with the same! XO

glamorous dining

Source: flickr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Speaking of sequins, this would be a fun diy that could add a little sparkle to your dining area. Not really my style, but if done right, this could really transform a room. 

garden party

This may be a little "grandma-chic" but I love it nonetheless. Oscar always gets it right. 

a guide to yum

It's almost as if this was made for me! Boy oh boy, I love a good macaron!

07 April 2011

grey + orange

I am really loving grey and orange color combos lately. In fact, we'll dedicate today's posts to that combo! While I am not a big fan of bedroom offices, some times one really has no choice or space, for that matter. This room was really pulled together nicely and they used the entire wall to get as much shelving up as they could. 

grey + orange

That kite fabric is too cute. 

grey + orange

Ah! I love everything about this house/porch! That front door! Perfecto!

06 April 2011

table for 6 please

LOVE the built-ins and the dining set is just perfect. What a gorgeous dining room.

i would never sit down

This wallpaper looks great both in black and white and colored in. What a creative and fun idea! 

orange you glad you bought that sofa?

Ha! What a great nook! I could snuggle up right there for hours. 

05 April 2011

one beautiful dish rack

Now this may get me to do the dishes more often! Another great design from Simple Human.  

what fun!

Very exciting launches this week! Kate Spade has launched Wedding Belles (and whistles), a comprehensive bridal boutique featuring everything from short, vintage-like wedding dresses, exquisite shoes, gorgeous jewelry and more. I am loving everything on the site! Images via Kate Spade.

the decorator in you

Anthropologie launched a new addition to their online home section today-"For the Decorator." This new section allows one to view various applications and styles of items such as wallpaper and fabrics. There is also a glossary to define all of those design items, techniques and styles that sometimes can be confusing or hard to understand. This really is brilliant and quite helpful and of course, there is the option to shop their home offerings as well. Image via Anthropologie

04 April 2011

glazed over

I love these colorful tri-pod planters. They make me want to have a green thumb! 


Spring is finally happening up here so the skirts will be out soon. I love that long skirts are back in. They hide not quite tan legs and they can make any t-shirt look like a million bucks.