29 February 2012

Now do it!

                                    Source: 29.media.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Show stopping.  

                                                          Source: google.com via Kellye on Pinterest

A little bit pin-up and a whole lot of sexy. 

28 February 2012

                                                                  Source: tetinotete.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I am digging his whole look & that tie is fantastic. 

                                                        Source: inspirebohemia.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This ain't your grandpa's wood paneling. 

27 February 2012

Say what you want about Lana Del Rey, and I know everyone has an opinion, but this video is so good and I can't stop watching it. 

                                         Source: apartmenttherapy.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This makes me take a second look at A-Frame houses. Sleek, modern and warm-all in an A-Frame? Who knew?

Simple, modern and unbelievably flattering, this Tom Ford dress was made for Gwyneth. 

Source: instyle.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I love this dress-it looks like the sequins are just exploding from the center of the dress, like a light within is just streaming out. Absolutely gorgeous Octavia. 

23 February 2012

I hope you all have a great adventure this weekend. xo

Everything about this is perfect. 

Source: amazon.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Spring is just so close. So close. And even though it is supposed to snow today, I can't help but look at these images full of bright neon colors. So close! 

22 February 2012

21 February 2012

20 February 2012

I love this series of photographs + illustrations from British artist Ben Hughes.  Check out more of Ben's work here

I have no words for this. It is perfect.

Love, love, love the new Spring/Summer looks from J.Crew. So many bright colors and prints-LOVE.

16 February 2012

                                                     Source: sunsurfer.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Dreaming of warm beaches and frosty drinks. What else does one do in February in Chicago? Have a great weekend! xo

I love a good oil painting in an unexpected place. 

                                               Source: vogue.com via Kellye on Pinterest

That coat!  

14 February 2012

13 February 2012

09 February 2012

Did ya'll see that Superbowl commercial with Matthew Broderick? So funny! Have a great "day off" this weekend-see you next week! xo

Valentine's Day is next Tuesday... do you have a treat for your sweetheart?

What a great room. Literally!