31 March 2011

could you imagine?

I tell ya what, I could do an entire blog of just bookcases and personal libraries. I find one every day that I want. 


An indoor hammock? Why not?!

pleats please

Source: elle.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Fantastic color combo and overall look. I love that these longer skirts are back in style, I can totally rock one of these. 

30 March 2011


In the style of CBS Sunday Morning, I will leave you now with this image of the waters of Cancun. Wish I was there...


I am such a sucker for great packaging. Clean, simple design sells me every time, which is what immediately drew me to this new organic cleaning line made in New York. It just looks like it will work! 


Whimsical city print of London from I Love Dust

29 March 2011

let the sunshine in

I'm such a sucker for a tufted sofa, but in grass green? That sofa was practically made for me! And those windows? Gorgeous. 

a lovely Marc

Just a touch of neon for Spring.

strawberry green tea cupcakes

I could really use one of these this morning. Tuesday is the start of my work week, so yeah, a cupcake could motivate me for sure. 

28 March 2011

al fresco bungalow

I imagine having a room like this in my future bungalow. How great would it be to have meals out here? 

home sweet home

Something like this is very appealing. Especially after all of the travel shows and magazines I have been watching and reading lately. Yep, this will do. 

thumbs up!

So, watched the entire first season of this show on Netflix yesterday. Anyone out there seen this show on VBS? It's essentially two Korean-Americans traveling the US but they can only travel in free transportation, so hitchhiking, raft, train hopping, etc. It's weird, hilarious, informative and kind of gross. Now we're just waiting for the next 2 seasons to become available. Go here to find out more information on the show. 

25 March 2011

a lovely palette

I'm going to try and do something creative during my time off, I'm feeling inspired. Have a wonderful weekend! 

what's old is new

What a great bedroom?! That bed is brilliant, the lamp and bird painting are great and I love the bedding. It just all looks so good in that modern, bright room. 

dies ist groƟ!

I just adore German Expressionism. I seriously have considered, several times, specializing in German Expressionism. The MOMA will be premiering the exhibition, German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse. It will feature 250 works from 30 artists. So, yeah, pretty major. I really, really want to see this exhibit. I hear New York is lovely in the Spring...Check out the exhibit info here. (Image via MOMA)

never enough yellow

Hello yellow doors! What a sunny entry! And you know I'm digging those bookshelves. 

22 March 2011

17 March 2011

16 March 2011


I could do this. Now for the tan...

black & pink

Ok, I need that painting about double that size. I could do that right? I love that little pink lamp too!

hello tulip wall paper!

Such a cheery little office nook! This room could make bill paying a little easier.

10 March 2011