04 May 2012

                                                            Source: bohemea.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I just love these two. Hope you too have have a weekend filled with cake and champagne and fun! xo

                                                Source: whatyoufancy.co.uk via Kellye on Pinterest

Just a little sneak peek into the now former home of Katie Lee. Why on Earth anyone would sell this home is beyond me-it was designed by Nate Berkus for pete's sake. 

                                                                      Source: ashley-ringmybell.blogspot.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Totally simple outfit with just a touch of neon. I love it. 

02 May 2012

All that shimmers, these days, is rose gold. Above are a few of my favorite finds in that most alluring hue. (All images via Pinterest)

01 May 2012

                                                   Source: jaclynpaige.tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

This home is magnificent. Magnificent!