31 August 2011

let's just take a look at some dreamy bookshelves today, eh?

Ooohh, so fancy and shiny. 

All that white + those chairs? So damn nice. 

I loooove all of the dashes of color throughout-looks great with the black shelves. 

I'm diggin' the whole setup. And that leopard chair is just sexy.

29 August 2011

hello there

How freakin' cool are these library card business cards?! Ahh! I want some! 

slowly, but surely

Source: hgtv.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I'm working on creating this in my home...slowly, but surely. It will be mine. (evil cackle) 

what a bathroom

Wow. Only Jonathan Adler could come up with a bathroom like this. Very cool.

24 August 2011

oh mr. postman?

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the newest issue of Anthology! (that's a lot of A's!)

give it here

I've been lusting after a camel coat for some time now and this one by Vince is gorgeeeoouusssssss. 

19 August 2011

Whew. What a week. Have a great weekend, see ya'll next week. xo

16 August 2011

04 August 2011

How much do you want to be that turtle? I'll be (trying) to hit the beach this weekend to get some sun on these pale, pale legs. Have a glorious weekend! xo                                   (image of Tahiti)


How incredible is Dana Tanamachi? Hand CHALK lettering folks. yeah. 

Zara never fails me

Source: zara.com via Kellye on Pinterest

So simple. So elegant. I need it. 

gorgeousness overfloweth

Ralph Lauren's Manhattan home. woah.

turn it on!

Source: curbly.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I am nuts for this lamp! Could I recreate this? Hmmm....

preppy fun

Andy and Kate Spade's super prep bathroom! Cute!


Source: poketo.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Clutches made from recycled vintage sofas! 

03 August 2011

Thinking in COLOR today

                                             Source: closingthedrawer.blogspot.com via Kellye on Pinterest

        Source: marthastewart.com via Kellye on Pinterest

                                                            Source: society6.com via Kellye on Pinterest

02 August 2011


Love this photo. Don't think it would look quite as cool if the Boyfriend and I tried it with the Dog. Ha! Check out her very cute blog here

c'mon in

Ah! Those steel windows got me again. It's just such a lovely space, you know?

hmm...a new tote for me?


01 August 2011

gimme that fridge!

Ahhhh! I love/want/need that fridge! I hate to use this interior design word, but, it really "pops" in that room with the white washed floors and white walls. Super cute. 

one bad ass chef

Now that is one kick ass tattoo. You will certainly never run into anyone else with it.


Love these code rings from Lulu Frost. You could stack an anniversary, lucky number or whatever you want! Very cute.