31 January 2012

It is weirdly warm out and I am wishing I had this adorable skirt to throw on. So cute! 

Source: tumblr.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Well, metal doors and subway tile are my weakness and this kitchen has got it all. Fab! 

30 January 2012

So, if I'm going to be made to suffer through the winter I want to do it here. This "hotel" in the Swiss Alps is composed of 15 separate pods which are little insulated tent domes. How cozy does that look? And what a view! Check out more here

I love the look of this kitchen. The large mirror and accessories make it feel so homey. Little additions like that can really transform a plain kitchen, and that's an especially good idea for a cheap update or for a rental where you can't remodel. 

How great is this custom-built coffee table? Each one is customized to hold your favorite books. Pretty great idea huh? Check out more of Lisa Finster's work here

27 January 2012

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Have a wonderful weekend ya'll, see you next week! xo

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This is quite possibly the coolest nursery design ever. The kid growing up in this is almost guaranteed to be a bad ass. View the original post and shopping guide here

Marc, you had me at neon. Oh my gawd I love this bag! How could you not be happy carrying this bag?!

24 January 2012

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Oh Kirsten! She will always be a fave of mine. She has been out a lot lately with new films and lots of promos and she has looked fantastic! So glad her career is doing well. 

It's all about the entry. It sets the scene, the tone of the home and it needs to be functional as well. Those lamps are pretty fab as well. 

23 January 2012

20 January 2012

In honor of Etta James, who passed away this morning at age 73, my favorite song of hers, 'Sunday Kind of Love." RIP Etta, you were brilliant and will be missed greatly. xo

The use of plain old pipes attached to the ceiling to create a "four-post" bed is brilliant. It really makes a dramatic statement without being either industrial or feminine with the draping. Gorgeous. 

Definitely one of the coolest movie posters I've ever seen. If I could get it XL and framed that would be perfect.

18 January 2012

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Killing it day and night. Charlize looked incredible in her soft pink Dior Couture at the Globes. What a gorgeous lady. 

Helen Frankenthaler was an absolute genius with color and form and she deserves much more credit for her contributions to the modern art world. She died just a couple weeks ago at age 83. Check out the WSJ article here

                                                    Source: dillydallas.blogspot.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Now that is some Spring inspiration. I love every item here. Check out Heidi Merrick's full collection here.

17 January 2012

                                                            Source: emmadimes.blogspot.com via Kellye on Pinterest

Well I just need this house. I do. Check out more beautiful images and stuffs from Emma Dime here

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Luuuusting after these shoes right now. They are both divine. 

16 January 2012

Source: google.com via Kellye on Pinterest

I just picked up a pack of these little cuties and they are tasty! Very light and bubbly and the packaging is just adorable. They even come with little pink straws! 

These Hybrid prints from artist Lucie Sheridan are so much fun. I love the graphic qualities and the colors. Check out her e-shop here.  

I love that pink petal fixture and that Nixon print is hilarious! Great room. 

13 January 2012

This is what I want right now. Chicago is frozen and I want out! Have a great weekend. xo

11 January 2012

Wouldn't you just love to get ready in this room everyday? How could you not look fantastic with a room like that to inspire? 

10 January 2012

I am totally on board for this loafer/flat/slipper trend. These are adorable, though a bit pricey. Steve Madden has some really cute ones as well. I think I need a pair for Spring, whenever that gets here! 
I am seriously running to Target to pick up two of these gorgeous lampshades. So chic! Well done Target

I'm diggin' this DIY ombre painting. I think I could do this, I think I can. Check out the rest of Danielle's projects on her blog

09 January 2012

That rug. Oh! And with the touches of green and gold and brown leather. What a stunning room. 

Ordered my new desk today (on clearance! woohoo!) and I am now looking for some fun and useful desk accessories and organizers. I really love this Zig Zag tray from Furbish. Check out Furbish Studio here

I am loving the jewelry from AMM Shop. Everything is very pretty but also fun and totally unique. Check out the shop here on Etsy. 

05 January 2012